Best Gaming DDR3,DDR4RAM for Desktop PC

Best Gaming DDR3,DDR4 RAM for Desktop PC on


When we wish to create or buy a gaming PC. First thing to keep in mind is the motherboard, processor, Graphic Card ,RAM and power supply

We should buy a motherboard with max support of processor generation wise and capacity, should have support of the graphic card and max suppport of XMP modules.

Here we will talk mainly on XMP RAM modules. The XMP means the Extreme Memory profile. Here in these modules, there are two profiles. Profile means, the settings which the manufacturer has provided (especially) for the gamers.

Profile 1 is the setting which the manufacture has provided in normal mode (which is usually mentioned on the box), like the RAM on

We should always choose the xmp modules as per the motherboard. First check the motherboard model number, google it , open the manual, go to specifications, check memory supported .

Choose the Megahertz memory which you desire , check the memory with low cas latency as there may be a case where the frequency is 3200Mhz ( for example ) but the cas latency may be higher. Always choose the RAM with low cas latency so that its response time is low , hence better performance.

Check opening graphic application like adobe photo shop, corel draw, HD movie, Architectural and designer application- like Autocad. The time taken to open up will make you understand the reason for buying the low cas latency RAM.

In earlier days , we have observed that the a DDR3 performs better then DDR4 , that is because the CL is lower in DDR3 but since the transfer rate is low then DDR4, hence is out of race.

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