Prerequisite Ram Upgrade


Its our tendency to find the best RAM Brands for our laptop in India and we search the Brands available . Thats becuase as we are concern about the Product quality, Warranty, After sales services and Price.

But the more important thing that normally a buyer misses is the technical compatibility of the RAM with their laptop.First thing which we have to find out is as to what is the best compatible RAM technology that will boost the laptop speed.Thereafter comes the brand and warranty and other things.

Here are a few tips one should follow before Ram Upgrade

  1. Check the laptop Model number
  2. Check the present RAM technology (Blog 1)
  3. Check its Cas latency
  4. Check its technology
  5. Check its part number
  6. Check its brand
  7. Search Google with the part number mentioned on the RAM
  8. Either pair it with the same part number Or match the Cas latency.
  9. Place order from the reliable website( Always check the ratings)
  10. Install>Run

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