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Choosing a perfect memory on 8gb.in for your laptop, PC can be slightly tricky . Let us take up a laptop RAM upgrade .

Here are a few things that needs to be taken care while selecting the perfect memory

First we need to know the model number of the laptop. Check its manual , if the manual is not available , google the model number and check the specification. For example your laptop is Hp 15-XXXtx model . You need to Google “Hp 15 -XXXtx Ram upgrade , you will be able to see number of website with the information but select only the Hp authorised website , it will give you the correct information. In the specification chart you will be able to find the technology , frequency and capacity details with number of slots . According to the Hp 15, the laptop is DDR3L compatible in generation 4 processors , and it can be upgraded upto 16GB . It has 2 SO-Dimm slots . Every slots can be upgraded with 8Gb and 8GB . So the RAM required for Hp 15 laptop will 8GB DDR3L 1600Mhz per slot .

Now if you wish to use the existing the RAM also, you need to know the Cas latency of the present RAM.As matching of same Cas latency will give a better performance then the not matching it.

Download a CPU-Z software , Install and Run it. A pop will appear on the screen giving all details about your laptop. Check the memory details. There you can see the Cas latency of the present RAM. Like in the Hp 15 laptop DDR3L , the Cas latency should be 11. Check the same CAS latency RAM for your laptop and buy. For your reference we have uploaded the details. Here the CL9Cas latency ) is 11. 0 clocks

If you buy the same capcity RAM (that your laptop holds) then search for the same part number. If you are not aware , again check the cpu z software , check the part number details in SPD section . Copy it and google, you will get the correct part number RAM. and then you can buy it. For your reference check the snapshot f the SPD details from the CPUZ software . Check the part number, company , capacity and slot, technology etc.

Our store offers all the RAM upgrade support like choosing you the correct part number RAM. Choosing the correct RAM may boosts your laptop as per your wish.

Hope this knowledge helps.

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