Sk Hynix 4GB RAM DDR4 1Rx8 2133Mhz Desktop RAM HMA451U6AFR8N-TF


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This memory module is a 4GB, DDR4 2133MHz, unbuffered, non-ECC DIMM memory module with a 288-pin connector and is 31.25mm tall. It is organized with 8 FBGA(78ball) 512Mx8 DRAM.


    Hynix UDIMM with manufacturer reference Sk Hynix 4GB RAM HMA451U6AFR8N-TF

    • Manufacturer: Sk Hynix
    • Manufacturer Reference: HMA451U6AFR8N-TF
    • Capacity: 4GB
    • Name: PC4-17000
    • Short Form: 4GB(1Rx8)
    • Type: 288Pin
    • Construction Type: DIMM
    • Model: UDIMM
    • Organization: 512Mx64
    • Description: DDR4 2133MHz
    • Number of Ranks: 1
    • Extension: unbuffered
    • Error Correction: non-ECC
    • DRAM Organization: 512Mx8
    • Number of DRAM: 8
    • Construction Type of DRAM: FBGA(78ball)
    • Type Height: 31,25mm
    • Voltage: 1,2V


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