Why the frequency of my laptop reduces ?


It has been found in recent discussions with some buyers that they are facing the problem of reduction of frequency from 3200Mhz to 2666Mhz or from 2933Mhz to 2666Mhz , even when the laptop maximum support is 2933Mhz or 3200Mhz .

Here is the explanation to the above query.

Case -1

First of all one should understand that same frequency may have different Cas latency. For example : A 3200Mhz memory may have Cas latency 20 or 21 or 22. Higher the Cas latency lower is the performance. This Cas latency makes the difference in prices , apart from capacity. One should choose the low Cas latency memory module in ‘pair’ for better performance

Now when the preinstalled memory has a Cas latency of 22 and we are upgrading with memory module having Cas latency 20 , we will not get the working Cas latency in laptop as 20 but it will be fluctuating from 22-21-20, But if you buy a memory module having Cas latency as 17 to pair with 20 , than it will work at 19 and not at 17 .

The Cas latency 19 refers to DDR4 2666Mhz

Case -2

If the preinstalled memory is 8GB DDR4 2933Mhz having Cas latency of 20 and you upgrade with a memory of 16Gb DDR4 2933 having Cas latency 17 , still the laptop speed will downgrade to Cas latency 19 , i.e. 2666Mhz . Even the capacity factor will not help in upgrading the speed as the capaxity is just just a virtual storage with the memory and it does not impact the speed until the response rate is low(Cas latency)


When ever you upgrade your PC or a Laptop always try that you pair with similar Cas latency (Brands can vary) . You will get a perfect and better performance in same Cas latency (say 22-22 ,17-17,21-21, 20-20) even if the CL is high but in pair then in unequal Cas latency(22-17 or 22-20 ) memory module.

Always to choose the same CL memory module.

Happy buying

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